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This factory is one of the biggest national suppliers of grain’s products in Iran. Our customers use different types of Ard Daran’s flours to produce their production with high quality. This factory supplies required raw materials of top national brands. Ard Daran group produces big amount of required flour and grain products for other factories and bakeries using 2 high- tech milling lines. Using modern method, advanced machinery and accurate lab equipment are some of our key success factors to produce different flours with best quality which are appropriate for providing various products.
The company has two separate parts: 1) produce different kind of flour of soft wheat, 2) produce semolina of durum wheat. Soft unit with capacity of 500 ton and durum unit with capacity of 250 ton a day is prepared to produce different kinds of products. All machineries and equipment of production lines have been bought from one of the best European producers, Switzerland Buhler Group. Ard Daran milling company, which has employed new technology of milling, through using different wheat, can provide flours with different qualitative traits that would be appropriate for various products such as breads types, biscuit, pasta, cookie and baby food.
Production process in Ard Daran factory includes:
1- Intake and storing wheat
2- Cleaning
3- Milling
4- Packing and delivery of products

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