Intake and storing wheat

Wheat quality control at time of importing wheat to factory let us separate wheat accurately on the base of qualitative factors and store them in separate silos in order to produce wide range of different qualities for customers.
Results of wheat quality control are available for managers as soon as possible to decide about accept or reject the shipment.
Ard Daran milling company has capacity of discharging 500 ton wheat in an hour and more than 20 modern silos can store more than 100,000 ton of soft and durum wheat.
Parameters and conditions of temperature and humidity have been controlled at time of storing and in silos through accurate sensors. Producing a good and health product has required proper raw materials and without any pests and insects. Also quality control of imported wheat to factory has prevented from entering and discharging flours with lower quality than the certain scope on the base of related standards. A proper combination of existed wheat in silo has been done to achieve flour with high quality. This operation is performed and registered by modern controllable systems.
Infrared advanced system to control humidity has led to achieve flour with proper physical and rheological traits by setting wheat humidity accurately, supervising amount of added water and controlling wheat temperature.
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